At Culleré i Sala, S.L. we are aware of the added value that a company can generate from the external image of their dependencies. Therefore we are able to project and/or solve any kind of metallic industrial façades, aiming at the best finishings given the required level of investment. For this reason we offer a wide range of solutions, adaptable to different cases and scenarios:

Simple sheet façades, where we can use from the most classic profiles to the most innovative, obtaining good finishings at a low cost. This is a good solution when the sheet façade is made of wall panelling or refrigerated panels, or when it’s not necessary to have too much of a thermal insulation level.

Another level of solutions comes across with the need to incorporate thermal insulation, from the on site sandwich (with belts or directly with tray shape) up to the conventional panel, or the so-called architectural panels, which allow multiple aesthetical and usage solutions regarding thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Panel
  • Architectural panel
  • On site sandwich
  • Façades with tray shape
  • Simple sheet